REVIEW: ‘Suffragette’ (2015)

SuffragetteTitle: ‘Suffragette’
2015, UK
Director: Sarah Gavron
Cast: Carey Mulligan, Anne-Marie Duff, Helena Bonham Carter

From an artistic and technical point of view, there is nothing extraordinary about ‘Suffragette’. Don’t get me wrong, this is a more than decent film, with no evident flaw to be found. At the same time, there is nothing in it that will make it stand out among other critically-acclaimed drama films from last year, except for the very important message it carries.

In a time (and I’m talking about nowadays, not a century ago) when the word “feminism” is twisted and distorted into something it’s not, something irrelevant or to be ridiculed, I believe it is extremely important to remind people what this movement stood for, and why women all over the world still need it to progress even further in their fight for equality. A lot has been done, yes, but taking what’s been achieved at the cost of great sacrifices for granted would be a grave mistake.

Mixing historical facts and fiction, ‘Suffragette’ provides a gut-wrenching portrayal of what these brave women suffered and endured in order to win their freedom. That’s probably, hopefully what you’ll take away from this movie, and what makes it worthy of being seen.



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