REVIEW: ‘Krampus’ (2015)

KrampusTitle: ‘Krampus’
2015, USA/New Zealand
Director: Michael Dougherty
Cast: Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner

Imagine having to spend Christmas with the most unbearable people on earth, aka your relatives. Been there, done that? It’s ok, just blink twice if you know what I mean, it’ll stay between us. Well, Max has had enough of his rude and vulgar uncle, aunts and cousins. Involuntarily, the young kid summons a Christmas demon, who starts picking off the family one by one.

“Merry Christmas, mother-“

I know the premise might sound silly, but ‘Krampus’ actually works surprisingly well both as a dark comedy and as a homage to the 80’s holiday horror flicks. It’s fun and creepy (though not scary), delightfully naughty and satirical, with a touch of emotions here and there. This movie is a perfect antidote for those sappy Christmases that you just wish would go away.

I’m not a fan of Dougherty’s previous work, 2007’s ‘Trick ‘r Treat’, but the stronger emphasis on the comedy aspect made ‘Krampus’ a winner in my book. The cast, both adults and children alike, is spot on. The practical and visual effects are very impressive, especially if you consider the estimated budget for the project was 15 million dollars.

Will ‘Krampus’ change your life? Doubtful. But it certainly will entertain you.



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