REVIEW: ‘The Hallow’ (2015)

The HallowTitle: ‘The Hallow’
2015, UK/USA/Ireland
Director: Corin Hardy
Cast: Joseph Mawle, Bojana Novakovic

To me horror has always been a hit-or-miss genre. In my experience, scary movies are generally either really good or absolute trash, with no middle ground. ‘The Hallow’ – also known with the alternative title of ‘The Woods’ – represents a welcome exception to this black-or-white rule of mine. Corin Hardy’s feature debut offers a respectably decent flick that horror fans will certainly enjoy and cherish.

‘The Hallow’ is a creature feature set in the woods of Ireland, where a couple and their infant son get relentlessly hunted down by the mythical monsters inhabiting the shadows.

One of my main problems with most horror movies nowadays, is that most of them usually have the audience wait for the last 20-30 minutes before things actually start getting interesting. ‘The Hallow’, on the contrary, keeps the action tight and the characters constantly engaged pretty much from start to finish.

In spite of its small budget, the movie displays some more than adequate practical and visual effects. Other than a few jump scares, the script doesn’t fall victim to the clichés and tropes of the genre, and both lead actors convincingly committed to their roles, both physically and emotionally.

Though not revolutionary by any means, ‘The Hallow’ is a solid and tenseful horror film.



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