REVIEW: ‘Bleed’ (2016)

BleedTitle: ‘Bleed’
2016, USA
Director: Tripp Rhame
Cast: Chelsey Crisp, Michael Steger, Riley Smith

I will keep this review even shorter than usual. This kind of movie is the reason why I lost faith in the modern horror genre. In other words, ‘Bleed’ sucks. Big time.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with making a movie on a very limited budget. I am ready to excuse any fault due to logistic and monetary limitations. The main problems with ‘Bleed’ have more to do with a complete lack of creativity and respect for the audience’s intelligence.

The plot is as weak and trite as the characters, whose actions become more and more illogical and outright ridiculous as the story progresses. There is no way anyone can sympathize with these people. They are simply too annoying and constantly acting like fucking morons. And I don’t blame the cast for it, they clearly gave it their best shot. But a terrible script is a terrible script.

Half-way through the movie I stopped caring. By the time the ending credits started rolling, I was regretting wasting one hour and thirteen minutes of my life.




  1. Where is your first movie project?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment, Tim. I’m not a filmmaker, so I’m afraid I don’t have any movie project to my name. That said, as a moviegoer I believe I’m entitled to my own personal opinion about the movies I watch. If you liked ‘Bleed’, I think it’s great, and you are welcome to disagree with my review. But trying to move the focus on to me is not a very effective way to do that. Have a great weekend 🙂


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