REVIEW: ‘Ville-Marie’ (2015)

Ville-MarieTitle: ‘Ville-Marie’
2015, Canada
Director: Guy Edoin
Cast: Monica Bellucci, Pascale Bussières, Aliocha Schneider

Sophie Bernard, a famous European actress, arrives in Canada to reconnect with her son Thomas, while filming her latest movie. Thomas wants her mother to finally reveal the name of his father.

I have mixed feelings for ‘Ville-Marie’. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. There are many scenes, especially during the first half of the movie, that feel completely unnecessary for the telling of the story. That made me a little impatient, not to mention unsure that there was even a story to tell. Fortunately, the second part feels a lot less dispersive and more interesting to watch, with the various characters and plotlines finally reaching a coherent convergence point.

Just like ‘Ville-Marie’ itself, Monica Bellucci’s performance is fluctuating in quality. Her character’s most intimate and emotional moments are those that actually give Bellucci the chance to display her acting chops, whereas she becomes awkwardly stilted and wooden whenever she’s required to play the diva role. It’s too bad Edoin couldn’t make a better use of this extremely underrated actress.



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