REVIEW: ‘Dans la Cour’ (2014)

Dans la CourTitle: ‘Dans la Cour’
2014, France
Director: Pierre Salvadori
Cast: Gustave Kervern, Catherine Deneuve, Féodor Atkine

‘Dans la Cour’ is a French dramedy whose memory will stay with me for quite some time, I think. Pierre Salvadori’s film deals with a number of difficult themes (depression, drug addiction, mental illness…), but it does so with honesty, freshness and a little bit of irony. In spite of the serious events taking place on screen, you’ll find yourself smiling throughout the entire movie, up until the bittersweet last scene that closes the story with a meaningful lesson.

Both Gustave Kerner and Catherine Deneuve (who was nominated for a César Award) give fantastic performances. It must be really difficult to walk such a thin line between drama and comedy, but they succeed in getting every single note right and in making the audience sympathize with their deeply flawed, deeply human characters.



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  1. I’ve been watching more French cinema lately, and this looks like another great title to add to the list. Thanks for the introduction!

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