REVIEW: ‘Sacrifice’ (2016)

SacrificeTitle: ‘Sacrifice’
2016, Ireland/Germany/USA
Director: Peter A. Dowling
Cast: Radha Mitchell, Rupert Graves, Joanne Crawford

After a miscarriage, doctor Tora Hamilton moves to the Shetland Islands, where her husband was born and raised, to adopt a baby. The discovery of a mutilated body buried in the proximity of their house becomes the first step into a terrifying and shocking mystery Tora feels compelled to unveil.

Based on a novel by Sharon Bolton, ‘Sacrifice’ is not, strictly speaking, a terrible movie. It’s just terribly forgettable. The plot is very formulaic and not particularly engaging. From the technical point of view, it looks more like a TV show rather than a film (which is a nice way to say the directing and cinematography are ordinarily bland).

Radha Mitchell is a really good actress, and she’s basically the only reason why I decided to watch ‘Sacrifice’. It’s a shame to see her talent wasted with yet another failed project. Hollywood should really offer her better roles.



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