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REVIEW: ‘Pandemic’ (2016)

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REVIEW: ‘Freshwater’ (2016)

Check out my review of ‘Freshwater’ on my new movie blog Should I Watch It!

REVIEW: ‘Bite’ (2015)

Check out my review of ‘Bite’ at my new movie blog Should I Watch It!

REVIEW: ‘Hush’ (2016)

Title: ‘Hush’ 2016, USA Director: Mike Flanagan Cast: Kate Siegel, John Gallagher Jr. Trapped inside her own secluded home, a young deaf-mute woman must survive the attack of a psychotic killer. Of all the horror sub-genres, the home invasion is – to me at least – the scariest. With the paranormal flicks, one can easily […]

REVIEW: ‘The VVitch: A New-England Folktale’ (2015)

Title: ‘The VVitch: A New-England Folktale’ 2015, USA/UK/Canada/Brazil Director: Robert Eggers Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie In 17th century’s New England, a family of seven settles right next to a forest inhabited by dark supernatural forces. For the past year or so, Robert Eggers’ feature debut has been one of the most talked-about […]

REVIEW: ‘The Boy’ (2016)

Title: ‘The Boy’ 2016, USA/China/Canada Director: William Brent Bell Cast: Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans Don’t bother. ‘The Boy’ is just another unoriginal horror flick that you’ll watch and regret having watched. It’s not worthy of your time, and it’s even less worthy of your money. Trust me, there is nothing in it you haven’t seen […]

REVIEW: ‘Goodnight Mommy’ (2014)

Title: ‘Goodnight Mommy’ 2014, Austria Director: Severin Fiala, Veronika Franz Cast: Lukas Schwarz, Elias Schwarz, Susanne Wuest Elias and Lucas are twin brothers. When their mother comes home after getting facial surgery, the children seem to be convinced that the woman is an impostor. ‘Goodnight Mommy’ starts as a real slow burner. Half-way through the […]