REVIEW: ‘Sicario’ (2015)

SicarioTitle: ‘Sicario’
2015, USA
Director: Denis Villeneuve
Cast: Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin

This is a movie that’s been sitting in my watching list for quite some time now. When it first was released, theaters in my town apparently thought that an actual quality film wasn’t worthy of space on their screens filled with blockbuster trash. So tonight, after months of waiting, I finally managed to get my eyes on ‘Sicario’.

‘Sicario’ is a brutal film portraying a cruel and hopeless world, where an idealistic F.B.I. agent (Emily Blunt) desperately opposes the amoral tactics employed by the men in charge of justice in the war against the drug cartels. Trust me, audiences will find little or no catharsis in ‘Sicario’. Its grim (and probably accurate) portrayal of one of the worst abysses of humanity will leave you utterly disillusioned with the shitty planet we live in.

Emily Blunt has already proven herself time and time again as a very talented actress. The script is not an easy one, dialogue is minimal and laser-focused on the story. It certainly took Blunt a good deal of work to build and project so effectively such a laconic and stern, yet vulnerable character.
Del Toro nailed his performance, and it puzzles me how on earth he wasn’t granted a Best Supporting Actor nomination. I mean, they nominated Sylvester Stallone, for fuck’s sake! End of rant.
Kudos to Josh Brolin, too. He brought his A-game at the table, and it showed.

‘Sicario’ is what you would call a slow burner. The tension is always there, and it gradually builds higher, with no release, one step at a time into the abyss. The camera beautifully indulges over open landscapes, but that doesn’t mitigate the claustrophobic sense of oppression and paranoia. Paradoxically, it accentuates it even more. Everything and everyone seem to be hiding a potential danger. No one can be trusted. As I wrote, this is not a feel-good movie.



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